Equinox Reboot -Every detail about the release and cast we know

Equinox Reboot, Equinox was a Danish podcast; it was pretty popular and was heard by a large number of people throughout the world. Now, this podcast is getting its own web-series known as The Equinox Reboot. The streaming right of the show has been taken by the OTT giant, Netflix. People are very hyped up to see that what the show has got to offer to its huge fanbase. So, in this article, we have got all the updates you need for the upcoming show.


When will be Equinox Reboot be released?
Until now there has been no update about the confirmation on the release date of the highly anticipated show. The production of the show might have gotten affected by the pandemic situation the world is suffering from, just like many other shows and movies. We can expect the show to be released in late 2020 or early 2021. Fans are getting eager to get any update about the show and when will it come out.


What will be the cast of Equinox reboot?
The confirmed cast list of the show is as follows:
Fanny Bornedal,
Danica Curcic,
August Carter,
Karoline Hamm,
Viola Martinsen.


Is there a trailer of Equinox Reboot?
There is no trailer of the upcoming show available right now. The production of the show has not been finished, so coming out of the trailer any time soon is highly unlikely.

What will the plot of Equinox Reboot?
The story is based solely on the podcast so by keeping in this mind the storyline of the show should be based on the disappearance of a group of students, in the year 1999. The lead character goes on an investigation to find out what happened and where are the children.
The show would basically focus on the similarities and differences of what is reality and what is imagination.

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