Escape Room 2 Release Date And All Future Updates Here

Escape Room 2: It is originally released in 2019. It is an American horror movie which is written by Maria Melnik and Bragi F. Schut and directed by Adam Robitel. The Escape Room grossed about $155 million globally.


Renewal Status

When the Escape room released in 2019 after a short period of time the sequel was announced. And till then fans are waiting eagerly for the sequel.


Release Date

Escape Room was all set to make a release on 17th April 2020 but it got delayed and pushed to 2021. After that, it was going to be released on 1st January 2021 in the USA and in the UK on 29th January 2021. But eventually, Sony delayed that too for specific reasons and currently, we are not sure regarding the release date in 2021. However, the updates will be released soon. So you might not have to wait for more.

Escape Room 2

Cast members

In the Escape room, only Russell and Logan Miller came out alive and survived the Escape room. So both of them will definitely be going to return to Escape Room 2.

However, apart from these few more cast members will going to joining the cast of Escape Room 2. They are Hollan Rodan, Isabelle Fuhrman, Indya Moore, Thomas Cocqueral, and Carlito Olivero. And if there will be more cast members then the news will come out soon.


In the escape room, there were 6 persons trapped in a room and all of them are survivors. However, only 2 of them survived that room. So what will going to happen in Escape room 2 will be even more interesting.


In September 2020 a news broke that currently they are working on a trailer but as the release delays further the trailer also got delayed. As soon as the release date in 2021 will be confirmed a trailer will be released b the officials.


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