Eugéne Green expelled by San Sebastián Film Festival for refusing to wear COVID mask

Eugene Green San Sebastián

Eugene Green– According to the Spanish festival, Green refused five requests to be precise, for him to wear a mask at last night’s premiere.


Due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, it has become a necessity to wear masks.


Masks have become a new fashion and without which the entries have almost been banned to the concerts and many such functions.

Read below to know details of what happened there-

About Eugene Green-

Eugene Green is a U.S. born French filmmaker and director. He Had directed and written films like The Living World (2003), La Sapienza (2014) and Waiting for the Barbarians (2017).

About The Incident-

The incident has occurred on 23rd September during the evening screening of Eugene Green’s new film- “Atarrabi and Mikelats.”

This movie has also said to be a selection of this year’s New York Film Festival.

Now let’s look upon how and why the incident actually took place.

A blunt message was sent to the attendees – follow the COVID 19 strict protocols or you will be forced to leave.

The French director, Eugene Green had been expelled from the 2020 festival due to his 5 refusals for wearing a mask. He was asked to wear the mask five times by the staff members but he refused to wear it.

What Happened Next?

Seb Sebastian referred to the incident as “unpleasant” adding a few words. He said that   Eugene Green, was asked up to five times by the Festival staff to put on the mask and to put it on correctly.


Finally, due to his lack of cooperation, the Festival management asked him to leave the theatre. Two Police agents informed him about an administrative complaint that will be processed, for which he might also receive a fine.”

More into Sebastian’s System

Sebastian, also mentioned as he continued that the festival has suspended the credentials of Eugene Green. Moving further he said that Green has also lost his status as a guest of the Festival.

All of this happened because of his lack of respect for the safety measures. The measures were agreed with the health authorities and for the staff of the Festival. He had also put the health of the spectators and the crew of the film at risk during and after the screening.

Despite many festivals and gatherings had been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic. This festival was still planned keeping in mind the safety measures.

The safety measures were detailed in a 200 page document which was released way before the festival.

Every necessary safety measure was clearly listed in the document.

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