Euphoria Season 2 Latest Updates Are Right Here

When is Euphoria season 2’s release date?

In July 2019, HBO declared that Euphoria was renewed for season 2. A launch date hasn’t been announced yet.


The legit Euphoria Twitter account showed in March 2020 that filming for season 2 had commenced. However, because of the pandemic, filming had been driven back to 2021. That means likely no new episodes until past due 2021 or maybe early 2022 at the earliest. Fans can at least rest smooth that scripts are surely done and the show just desires to shoot and go through post-production, but it’s virtually an awful lot later than people have been originally hoping to look Rue, Jules, and their classmates again.


Who’s in the Euphoria season 2 cast?

Most of the Euphoria season 1 contributors are set to be back for season 2. Kelvin Harrison Jr., who starred inside the 2019 film Waves, also confirmed in May 2020 that he was cast as a brand new character for season 2. He said, “The scripts are so first-rate and every body is without a doubt excited for it. [Sam Levinson is] a wonderful writer and a tremendous storyteller, and the classy and international-building they do in that show is so particular and he really pushes obstacles, as nicely. So I’m excited to step into that area and do my part.”

Euphoria Season 2

What is Euphoria season 2 about? 

Euphoria season 1 ended with Jules leaving Rue once they plan to run away together. Fast forward to the cease of Jules’ special episode, and Rue shows up at Jules’ home where Jules confesses that she misses her. “I definitely neglected you,” Jules tells Rue who admits that she additionally misses Jules. After Jules apologizes to Rue for leaving, Rue has a emotional crash down and leaves Jules on my own. The subsequent shot we see is Jules devastated and crying within the rain. Viewers additionally research that the episode take space earlier than the Rue’s first special, which sees her and Ali have a critical sit down about her drug use, main viewers to trust that Rue breaking her sobriety may be because of her break up from Jules. Viewers also research from these specials that Rue and Jules will possibly now not begin season 2 in an excellent place, despite hopes from fanatics that they could reconcile their dating.

Euphoria Season 2 – Reid instructed that the show will likely not explore the COVID-19 pandemic. None of the scripts I examine have the factors of being smaller or referring to the pandemic,” she said. “I assume we’re simply all waiting to look what’s going to manifest. I recognize that Sam [Levinson, the show’s creator] is the only person who writes the scripts, so he’s very concerned and puts his heart and his all into the whole thing that is going into Euphoria. I can’t talk for anybody, but I assume our hope right now is to recover from this and be capable of pass back into production like we deliberate and do it thoroughly.”


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