Everything to know about Robert DeNiro’s The War With Grandpa

Robert DeNiro

The special part about The War With Grandpa is Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken as leads. The War With Grandpa is a bland satirical masterpiece. It is directed by Tim Hill and produced by Marvin Peart, Philip Glauser and Rossu Morris Peart. The film is inspired from the novel of same title by Robert Kimmel Smith.


Everything you need to know about the film ‘The War With Grandpa’

The film follows the character played by Robert DeNiro (Ed) and his grandson Oakes Fegley (Peter). Ed is a old widower, whose increased disconnection with the world influences his daughter to anyhow make him ready to move in with her family. Meanwhile, 12 year old grandson Peter declares a war against grandpa as he wants his room back. At first, Ed explains Peter what actual war is like but he doesn’t understands. As the plot develops conflict between Ed and Peter increases. While, Peter outrageously plans many pranks to make grandpa move out from him room but the witty grandpa attempts to fight back with some more hilarious strange pranks by taking guidance from his companions.


The War With Grandpa is a mere timepass movie, which one can enjoy in this current scenario.

The film premiered on October 9,2020 in United States by Brookdale Studios and generally gained not so overwhelming reviews from critics.

The War With Grandpa

Cast Of The War With Grandpa

Robert DeNiro as Ed (Grandfather)

Oakes Fegley as Peter Decker(Grandson)

Uma Thurman as Sally Decker( Daughter of Ed)

Rob Riggle as Arthur Decker( Son in-law of Ed)

Laura Morano as Mia Decker( Grand daughter of Ed)

Cheech Marin as Danny (friend of Ed)

Christopher Walken as Jerry(friend of Ed)


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