Everything To Know About Scream 5 Starring Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell

Scream 5: Reportedly, Paramount Pictures announced on their official website, the comeback of Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott. Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s horror masterpiece franchise is starting freshly with new directors.


All you need to know about Scream 5!

As per the reports, Sidney Prescott is in the list of confirmed character cast of the series, along with David Arquette aka Darvey Riley and Courteney Cox, who is going to reprise her role as Gale Weathers.


Additionally, embarking her return as Sidney Prescott is Scream 5, Neve Campbell stated ;she has been discussing about the upcoming movie, she was approached for. She added that as the situation is quite challenging(coronavirus pandemic) they’re conversing and figuring out ways to make it work. She feels grateful to be a part of the franchise and admires her role as Sidney Prescott, for her it’s always fun working on it with other cast.

Recently, Paramount Pictures made an announcement about the return of Campbell as Sidney Prescott and cleared all the speculations made in media.

Scream 5

Courteney Cox also shared a post on Instagram and confirmed her return for the favourite character of fans.

Horror legend Wes Craven directed the four original Scream movies but sadly he passed away in the year 2015. Hence, it was announced that now Matt Bettinelli- Olpin and Tyler Gillett will be directing the film, the duo has also worked together in the 2019 film, Ready Or Not.

Another big announcement was the revelation of film’s theatrical premiere date i.e January 14,2022.
Moreover, the plot of Scream 5 is not yet disclosed but we’re assuming that there will be no retroactive continuity. Most probably, it will be alike Scream 4 with the old group getting back together, accompanied by youngsters for ghost face agony. It was earlier hinted that Scream 5 will begin with survivors of Scream 4.


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