Everything to know about ‘Silence Of The Lambs’ sequel series

Silence Of The Lambs sequel

The upcoming sequel series of silence of the lambs recently confirmed some details regarding its plot. The sequel will be titled Clarice. The forty seven year old executive producer of the show, Alex Kurtzman declared that the series sequel will just focus on one single serialized story which will revolve around Clarice Starling in the aftermath of the Oscar-winning film’s events.


The series sequel, Clarice will air on CBC network and will not be a procedural. The series will also focus on emotional psychology also. The pilot of the series will be titled the silence is over. The outline of the show will be this only, according to the creators of the series.  They informed the sources that Clarice Starling the fictional character in the Silence of the lambs will start speaking.

The series will start streaming on the network in this year only, but by end of 2020 that is.

Silence Of The Lambs


After the trauma of Buffalo Bull, the FBI agent, Clarice will start exploring things about her. The fifty four year old CBS CCO, David Nevins changed the executive producer’s mind. So that is why the show will air on CBS directly and not go for streaming directly.

Originally written as a horror novel, silence of the lambs has been written by Thomas Harris. The series of the novel revolve around serial killers who are cannibals. This mystery novel was first published in the month of May and in the year 1988. The film from the novel was adapted in 1991 by Jonathan Demme who died three years ago in 2017 at the age of seventy three.

The films have received five academy awards and has also won an Oscar, the series too is totally engaging and worth watching. It does not only thrill you but also gives you goosebumps.


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