Everything to know about The Overlord Season-4

Overlord is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugune Maryama. Its genre is dark fantasy. It is about a young boy, who enters into a virtual-gaming world as a warrior king and wants to make it his own empire. This series releases three seasons so far and every season consists of 13 episodes.
First season aired from July 7, 2015, to September 29, 2015. It covers 1-3 volumes of the novel. Second season released from January 9, 2018, to April 3, 2018. Its opening theme is ‘Go Cry Go’ by Oxt and ending theme is ‘Hydra: by Myth and Roid. It involves 4-6 volumes of the novel. The third season premiered from July 10, 2018, to October 2, 2018. Its opening theme is ‘Voracity by Myth and Roid and ending theme is ‘Silent Solitude’ by Oxt. It is based on 7-9 volumes of the novel.


Here are all the details about its release date, cast, and Plotline.


Will there be any Overlord season-4?

After seeing such a fan following the makers of the show have decided to come up with the 4th season.
Scriptwriters announced at AnimagiC 2019 that it is ‘extremely likely’ that season 4 would be produced.
However, no official release dates have been mentioned by them. It was expected to come in July 2020 but due to the ongoing pandemic, production slowed down. The series has been delayed to release after 2020.


Any changes with the cast and crew?

We have no exact details about the new cast. Most of the cast from season-3 will be returning for the next season. The accompanying who is to be incorporated is Yumi Hara, Manami Numakura, Masayuki Katou, Asami Seto, Satoshi Hino, Sumire Uesaka, Shigeru Chiba, Mamoru Miyano, and Mikako Komatsu.

What’s going to happen with the Plotline?

Overlord Season-3 completes the 7-9 volumes of the novel. So it is quite logical that next season will revolve around the rest of the volumes of the novel. However, no official details have been leaked about its Plotline.


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