Everything you need to know about Gordon Levitt’s 7500.

Everything you need to know about 7500:

7500 is the comeback movie of Joseph Gordon Levitt.



Joseph Gorden Levitt
Carlo Kitzlinger
Aylin Tezel
Omid Memar


Release : 7500

August 2019

Streaming Platform:

Amazon prime video.

Plot summary: 7500

7500 is the distressed emergency code or call for an Airplane hijacking.

The story is of a flight from Berlin to Paris. The plane gets hijacked by four Muslim guys.
The film starts with shots from a Berlin airport. The tension is already established in the initial scenes of the movie. We see a man going to the restroom without a bag and then returning to the waiting area with a bag. You can sense that something wrong is on its way. They get on a plane. We now see the co-pilot Tobias, played by Gordon and the captain Michael, played by Carlo having a small talk. They are totally unaware what awaits for them in the this journey.


Just few minutes into the plane and we get to the whole hijacking. The hijackers don’t really have weapons such as guns or bombs. Instead they are using broken pieces of glass.

To see what happens to the flight and the passengers, one will have to watch the movie.

Why it was a good choice for Gordon Levitt to choose this movie for his comeback?

We had to wait for full four years to have the delight of watching Gordon on screen. And we are not disappointed with him at all. He has lived upto all the expectations his fans had from him. The wait was worth it all.

It would not be wrong at all if we dare to say that 7500 was an one man show. Gordon stole all the limelight with his acting.

He is so good at what he does. He made this ordinary storyline extra-ordinary with his amazing acting skills.

Now what’s interesting to watch is that this movie, for the most part, is shown to us from the pilot’s cockpit.

The movie was totally stealed by Gordon. He gets to establish that he still got a good hold on his craft skills.


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