Everything you need to know about HBO Max series’ ‘Love Life’, starring Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick

HBO Max is releasing its first original series, love life revolving around a girl in her twenties and it is just to simple to know all about its storyline. Anna Hendrick who plays the girl from New York is trying to appreciate and love herself in the series. The romantic comedy premiered on the streaming network this year, 2020 in the month of May.


The main role of the girl whose character is called Darby Carter is played by the American actress and singer Anna Kendrick. The thirty five year old actress has been working in the Hollywood since 1998, as a child artist.

The character of Sara Yang who is not only Darby’s roommate but also her bestfriend is played by Zoe Chao who is not only an actress but also a screenwriter.


The series is a anthology, and has released a total of ten episodes till now. And this means that in the upcoming season we will see a totally different character and a plot which will revolve around them.

So in the first season of Love life starring Anna we saw that she struggles to find a true love. In the final episode we see that she finds her soulmate.

HBO Max love life

The best part about the series is that it sticks to one story, and does not add the details which are needed by the audience. With this crisp and solid plot, the series becomes simple and very entertaining to watch.


Produced by Denise Pinckley, the duration of each episode is twenty eight to thirty seven minutes. And everyone who loves a not very complicated series, with no drama only a sweet story this is a must watch.

Three people in total have edited this anthology romantic comedy series among whom one of them is Brent White.


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