Everything you need to know about ‘Spitting Image’ reboot created by Roger Law.

Roger Law

Spitting Image, an satirical puppet show is expected to comeback to the small screen after a long gap of 23 years. The latest episodes of the satire are explained as ‘public service comedy’ created by Roger Law. It will centre on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin and many others.


All you need to know about the return of  satirical puppet show, Spitting Image

Roger Law said, It’s well chaotic and as far as he is concerned, it’s better to shoot at TV Sets. He also added that, A pilot episode for  the regenerated programme has been shot already.
The episode will also feature Meghan Markle, the duchess of sussex and her character is seen wearing a shimmery top with word princess printed on it. Prince Harry’s puppet is also seen.


Roger Law said that, series won’t be alike 1980s Heyday and it won’t be focusing on the lower aspects  of British Politics. He also revealed that the producers of the show are working with top US based networks to bring the show to much larger  global audiences.

Spitting Image

Mr. Law stated to the cultural head of the show, Mary Board that anyone in the public interest would be fair choice for the second season of Spitting Image. He revealed that satirising President Donald Trump was a challenging task as he is himself a satire. However, puppets allows them portray the characters better than the humans.

The popular impressionist announced about his involvement in the new show and said, This is his latest project, for him it’s too exciting as well as honouring to work on it.

The show’s puppet designs will be created by Caricaturist Adrian Teal.

The show initially aired on ITV from 1984 to 1996 and was the controversial programme parodying political leaders, celebrities and royals in total of 18 series.


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