Everything you need to know about The Rising of the Shield Hero.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is a novel turned into an isekai animated series, which means different world. The first season was released in January 2019 and is now available on Crunchyroll.


Plot : The Rising of the Shield Hero

This show has a very unique plot. Few regular college going boys are summoned and transported to a different fantasy world, which turns out to be a kingdom of Melromarc. All four of them serve as a legendary hero, each possessing a different specialized weapons.


The main protagonist of the story is not treated as a saviour of the alternative world he was summoned for. Rather he is treated as an enemy by the people of the Kingdom, but then eventually he along with other boys goes on to defend the kingdom from multidimensional alien enemies called Waves.

The storyline is not a regular superhero one as the main protagonist Noafumi is betrayed and falsely accused of sexual assault and that too by the Princess whom he trusted the most. The story then takes different turns which is interesting to watch. It is a very engaging plot as it is gripping to see the character development of Noafumi from being a criminal to a father figure and then to a warrior who has the onus of saving the planet from its enemies.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Noafumi has the shield and is considered the weakest amongst the four heroes. This is because the shield only gives him the defensive powers and not offensive and thus is left alone. His journey keeps one engaged with him and makes everyone a part of it. It is interesting to see how he overcomes all the challenges and turns out to be a real Sheild Hero.

Second Season

The second season is most likely to be premiered in October 2020, but there are no official announcements yet. The new season might unfold new mysteries and might introduce few new characters, most probably as villains. Although, the voice actors are likely to be same as season 1. Billy Kamtez will still continue to be the english dub of Noafumi. Kaito Ishikawa the japanese and the the original voice of Noafumi wil also continue.

Season 2 of the Rising of the Shield Hero is going to be all about a powerful battle of a new kind. Fans await the release of this captivating show as the first season was a huge success. Anime these days has gained a lot of fanbase these days so it will be an interesting watch.


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