Experts say that the market for theatrical releases for non English films like parasite may see a spike in indian market.


Parasite – A thrilling satire on the class divide in contemporary South Korea.


About the movie : Parasite

Parasite was undoubtedly the best movie of 2019. It won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. It became the film to win four academy awards and the first Non-english flim to win the Best picture award in the history of Oscars. Parasite took home the academy awards for the Best Writing (Original screenplay, Directing and International Feature film.


Parasite was also the first film from South Korea to be nominated for the International Feature Film category, which was previously named Foreign Language Film.

General Trivia:

Parasite is a movie which talks about the class divide in South Korea. It successfully represented the divide capitalism has made through the two families, the Kims and the Parks.

The Parks are extremely rich. Whereas the Kims are so poor that they have to live in a low-level apartments which are lower that the streets.
Parasite has many layers to it and to understand them one has to thoroughly watch the film.

Plot: Parasite

The movie is about two different families, The Kims and the Parks. It is a dark-comedy satire and thriller movie. It shows how there is a constant fight amongst the different classes. This fight might not be explicit but it is present there.

It shows the struggles of the poor family, The Kims and what hardships they have to go through to be alive. On the other hand we have the Parks, who have more than necessary wealth. The wealth has made them so gullible that Mr. Park is impressed just with the paper quality of a card his driver gives him and believes that it belongs to a big firm which gives maids. He didn’t even care to enquire.

This movie draws parallels between the lives of these two families. One the best scene is when it suddenly rains one day.
How both the families are effected by the rain is the harsh reality of a capitalist society and the class divide it has created.

The rich family could not go to a camping trip on their son’s birthday because of the rains and thus had to plan a sudden party in their backyard.
On the other hand, the poor family has lost everything even their home. The sewage water and the rain water got in the house. They had to take shelter in a public gym along with others effected.


The director has done a great job and there’s no wonder why this film got all the major awards of the year and was loved globally.

Why non-english films have a great potential in the Indian market?

The reason Parasite got so well received in India is because of the hype. It’s strange to see a non-english film do good in Indian markets. Indian markets for international cinema is not so much profitable if we set aside english movies, made primarily in the US.

There are boundaries within this country in terms of cinema. Even in the Indian cinema or bollywood so to say only the big budget movies get the attention of the audiences for the most part.

It is actually very hard for the mainstream movie lovers to “go beyond the one-inch subtitle barrier”.
And that is why a movie like Tumbbad didn’t get the deserving attention and appreciation at the time of its release.

But with the OTT platforms, such movies are being talked about and loved by masses. The movie which comes of arthouse and are not just a mere product of commercial cinema are actually very well received now. People nowadays want to see cinema as an art piece and not just as tool for escapism. People are also loving the movies which show the reality boldly even if it shows the ugly side of our society.


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