Extraction Sequel Updates, Part 2 Still In Writings

Extraction is an American thriller action movie that was released on Netflix on  24 April 2020. It is written by the Russo Brother(Joe Russo and Anthony Russo) and directed by Sam Hargrave. The film turns out to be one of the most-watched films of Netflix with 90 million views. The immense popularity impel the writers to write another script for the film’s sequel. Let’s see what we have in store about part two of the film


Extraction 2


The writers of the film have already indicated that they are planning for another part of the film which is in its formative stage right now. The writers are working on different storylines to make the part its best. They are again planning to make the film with the same director Sam Hargrave

Will There Be Extraction Sequel Or A Prequel?

After the death of Tyler shown in the movie, It would not be possible that the creators will show a sequel, reviving Tyler again. As the film was always set to be realistic and showing an almost dead person alive will not be a good deal. If there would be a second part, it would probably run on the prequel mode

As all of the characters hold something in the past, Especially Tyler who was shown in the film to be a master in savings life and had done many other works of the same context.

It would be possible that the next part of the Extraction would show the world of Tyler and his past. Although it’s not confirmed whether there will sequel or a prequel part.



Extraction Film Ambiguous Ending.

The film extraction ended up showing Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) being gunshot on the neck and falling in the river while saving Ovi, who afterward went on to live peacefully in his family, keeping the thoughts of Tyler in his mind. The end part showed Tyler getting a clear image of his lost child and accepting the truth now while falling in the river And then it was shown that someone is watching Ovi from far a distance, but who is he is unrevealed. All these created cliffhangers in the mind of the audience. And perhaps the ending is pretty decided so that another part would be there too

Extraction 2 Cast

There would be the same cast as Chris Hemsworth is best fitted in the role of Tyler, Meanwhile, we could also hope to see other characters too, which were

  • Rudraksh Jaiswal seen as Ovi Mahajan,
  • Randeep Hooda in the role of Saju Rav,
  • Pankaj Tripathi in the role of Ovi Mahajan Sr.
  • David Harbour playing the role of Gaspar

Extraction Sequel- Release Date

The sequel part is still in writing now and it would probably be so in this year too it’s predicted to be released later in the year 2022.

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