Eyes Of The Dragon got canceled by Hulu, Know why!

The Eyes of the Dragon canceled

Hulu has scrapped out the adaption of Stephen King’s 1984 fantasy novel The Eyes of the Dragon.


The filmmaker and novelist Seth Grahame Smith says on the king cast podcast that the show is on hold right now, and the makers of the show are concern about the budget for the show.


He also announced in the podcast that he hopes that Oscar-winner Sam Rockwell in one of the lead roles. There were also sayings that The series was being lined up as a probable successor to HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones.

Smith also says in the podcast that the show is going to cancel because of the budget and even the behind the scene changes in the executives. Well, it’s been a year since we heard about it and now what we heard is well it’s been a year since we heard about it and now Smith has confirmed about the show.

The Eyes of the Dragon

About the eyes of the Dragon

The series adaptation being developed by The Lego Batman Movie‘s Smith and was also set to pen down the script and act as showrunner. 

A short description for the series was, King Roland’s manipulative magician, Flagg, sees his power compelled when Queen Sasha gives birth to Peter, a successor to the throne. When the queen is pregnant with a second son, Flagg gets her midwife to injure the queen mortally and so begins his plot to dispose of the destiny king.

Peter brings (the son) wine to his father’s bed each night, and Flagg poisons the potion. The magician has meanwhile, was manipulating the younger son, Thomas, showing him confidential underground passages where the boy can spy on his father.

Stephen King is releasing a new novel in 2021, Only the dead have no secrets; the theme will be very familiar to kings, and as it is also a crime novel.


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