Fable 4 : Release Date, Gameplay and Xbox Series X and PC info.

Fable 4‘ is an upcoming video game of the Fable video game franchise. The game will be released by Xbox Game Studios, which means it will be available on Xbox consoles and Microsoft store in PC. The trailer of Fable 4 was revealed three weeks ago and it looks like the game is set in the fantasy world of Albion, which is loosely based on Middle-Age Europe.




Microsoft unveiled the game in the Xbox Games Showcase event in July. However, there haven’t been any announcements regarding the release of the fourth installment of the Fable franchise. It is highly unlikely that the game will release in 2020.
Since we’ve only seen a quick teaser reveal so far, Fable 4 may still be a year away or more before it’s up for sale.


The teaser of Fable 4 gave very little details on the gameplay. From the teaser trailer, Microsoft showed us a quick cinematic teaser. Although, it showed us that there will voice-over narration and possibly cutscenes for the first time in the franchise, and we also saw a brief glimpse of a fantasy world called Albion.


For a few years, UK based video game developer Playground Games has been investing at Fable 4 with a team of more than 200 developers working on an open-world action role-playing game. Playground Games even added a new Warwickshire studio just for the making of the game. So for sure, the gameplay isn’t going to be like their previous versions, given that it’s been 10 years since Fable 3 was released.
From what we could figure out from the trailer, we expect to see these things in the gameplay, which are usually the core of any other new-gen RPG game.
It’ll feature first- and third-person perspectives
Guns are gone.
-Players will be able to build their towns.
-There will be a new multiplayer mode.
-The game will run on Unreal Engine like many new-gen high graphic games.
-Time travel will be a feature in the game (this was confirmed by one of the developers in Playground Games).

Hold on. Does time travel in Fable 4? Yeah, I know that sounds completely crazy. Stay tuned for updates.

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