Fallout 76 added new enemies in the series.

Fallout 76 is finally out after launching the private beta for the last couple of weeks before or so. The announcement was officially made at the Bethesda’s E3 Press Conference, where all the details regarding the release date for the info on the building mechanics were given. New wildlife is one of the new challenges in the Fallout 76. The game will land you in West Virginia this time, which means that Fallout 76 is filled will all new creatures.


Fallout 76 Creatures, Wildlife and Enemies

Grafton Monster

The Grafton Monster is featured clearly in the reveal trailer of Fallout which seems to be one of the most formidable creatures in the Fallout 76. This creature has huge arms and very little else. It uses its arms to bludgeon everything in its path.



The Scorchbeast steals the title of “coolest looking Fallout creature away from the Deathclaw. The creature is a dragon which spits blue waves of energy from its mouth, taking out the air at moments of noticing. It is observed to be attacking a settlement in the trailer, with a team of wastelands barely able to take it down.



There is no Super Mutant in the game because they haven’t been created till now. However, we can expect some sort of variant Mutant which will be smaller and more humanoid than their super brethren.


After some rumors and speculations, it is confirmed that Mothman is indeed in Fallout 76. The short glimpse that we get is a bug like creature with orange eyes that are huge standing out in the darkness. The players have started posting their encounters with this creature which seems to be really terrifying.


This is a crone like creature. It’s a humanoid creature and is one of the most unpleasant creatures out there we’ve seen so far.

Honey Beast

This is a Rad-Scorpion like creature. The creature is more like an irradiated giant wasp of sorts, carrying a hive of regular wasps on its back. This means that the players will have to fight against the giant wasp like creature along with a swarm of insects too.

Gas-Mask Hunchback

This is a hunch-backed creature which is also a humanoid creature. It is observed to be standing menacingly covered by a cloak in the trailer. It seems to be wearing a gas mask like thing and is seen to be guarding a mine area.

Liberator MKII

These are robots as it is concluded from the trailer. They are observed to be attacking in groups and have spider-like legs. They shoot energy beams too.


This creature seems to be a mutant with spikes on its back. It has a long tongue which is used to attack the player at a distance. In the trailer, this creature is seen to be attacking in a city area with the help of its two large forelegs in order to move quickly around the ground.


Scorched is the new rack of enemies in Fallout 76. They have green crystals which grow out of their skin and can carry weapons. They are the most common enemy.

Fallout 76 is playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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