Family Guy : YouTuber Arif Zahir Becomes The New Voice Of Cleveland

New Voice Of Cleveland Arif Zahir

As per the reports, Arif Zahir popular for his imitation of Cleveland Brown from ‘Family Guy’ has gone from impersonating the character to eventually playing him.


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On Friday, Fox announced on their official website that Arif Zahir, the YouTuber having six million followers is going to replace Mike Henry in the impending Season 19. Mike Henry was voicing the character since the beginning of the show but in June he stepped down like the other White voice actors in the role of Black characters.


Mike Henry added that, he loves the character but he believes person’s colour should match with the colour of the character.

The same day Arif Zahir funnily made a video on Tik Tok also mentioned Cleveland his favourite cartoon character forever in a statement as well.

Family Guy

The YouTuber stated, he feels eternally privileged to receive such an life changing opportunity, later he also thanked Mike Henry, Rich Appel, Alec Sulkin and Seth McFarlane for their amazing gift to him. Additionally, he also thanked the millions of fans of the show and promised them he won’t let them down.

The show Family Guy has already been renewed for 21st and 22nd Seasons.

All the recent episodes of Family Guy, which are still under production will be voiced by Arif Zahir playing the role of Rhode Island’s moustache wearer. Arif stated that after hearing about the news of Mike Henry stepping down from the role, he was feeling very shocked and saddened but he felt overwhelming gratitude as he was offered to play his favourite cartoon character.

Arif Zahir’s voice will get to hear in the 19th Season of the show; till then Mike Henry will be voicing the character.


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