Family reunion part 3-How did the previous season end? (Ending explained)

Family reunion part 3: This family reunion is one you’ll be anxious to join in. Family Reunion Season 1 made for an easy binge and hope that Season 2 is now evident! Created by Meg DeLoatch, this American parody show debuted in July 2019 with ten episodes.


Family Reunion Season 1 Summary 


After a family reunion, Moses “Moz,” a well-known football player, chooses with his wife Cocoa to move his family from Seattle to Columbus, Georgia. For most of his family, from youngest Ami to his two young men Mazzi and Shaka, the change is invited. But, for his oldest girl Jade, and Cocoa, the change is an alteration. For Cocoa, she needs to manage Moz’s mom, Amelia, otherwise called M’dear, who is a strict lady who had confidence in an old fashioned, save the pole ruin the kid, childhood. Which is something contrary to what Cocoa accepts? At that point for Jade, being that she is reasonable and not the most associated with Black culture, both inside the family and outside of it, she is teased to apparently bullied.

Also, over the timespan the family spends in Columbus, they all live under Amelia’s rooftop and are forced to manage the way of life clash. Which, while manageable, reaches a critical stage when the police get included.

The Cast of Family reunion part 3: Who is in it? 

The ritzy cast of ‘Family Reunion’ is led by Tia Mowry as Cocoa McKellan and Loretta Devine as M’Dear. Producer and actor, Mowry sanctions the character of Cocoa McKellan — “a free-vivacious mother from Seattle.” Devine is a renowned name, mainly for her character which depictions Marla Hendricks on ‘Boston Public and Adele Webber on ‘Dark’s Anatomy’.  Cocoa is adoring yet the strict female authority of the family.

Anthony Alabi stars as Moz McKellan (Cocoa’s husband). The McKellan kids have 14-year-old Jade played by Talia Jackson, 12-year old Shaka played by Isaiah Russell-Bailey, a 10-year old Mazzi played by Cameron J. Wright, and 8-year old Ami by Jordyn Raya James.

Obviously, the whole lead cast will return for season 3 too.

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