Fan Art Shows Jason Momoa As Kraven, Spidey’s Nefarious Enemy

Fan Art Shows Jason Momoa As Kraven: All the MCU and DC Universe fans are fascinated about Kraven Hunter. Kraven Hunter would be the biggest Spider-Man villains audience is yet to see on the screens. But fans still have no clue about who will play the character.


Jason Momoa to play Kraven Hunter?


Recently a twitter account BossLogic posted created a new art starring Aquaman star Jason Momoa as Kraven Hunter, and it seemed a perfect match. “Revised from Sabertooth to Kraven real quick,” read the caption for the post by BossLogic.

The fans have filled the twitter post with some “fan-convos”.


Who is BossLogic?

BossLogic is not any random twitter account, this account holder has created several artworks for Marvel in the past. He regularly creates some new innovative artists around the character and its casting member. But not to lie, Momoa seems to be the perfect start to play Kraven Hunter!

What do we know about Kraven Hunter?

From Marvel comic pages that describe the character of Kraven Hunter, we know that he will turn out to be the most horrifying and notorious villains one would see in the Spider-Man series. He is a big game hunter that ultimately sees Spidey as his toughest competition. He is strong enough to kick spidey out of the track, but that is obviously not how a superhero film ends. This is famously chronicled in the Kraven’s Last Hunt storyline, which is one of the most beloved arcs in the character’s long history.

Tom Holland wants Aquaman to play Kraven Hunter?

Rumors spread that Kraven Hunter would appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon, but no news has been confirmed so we know it is just a rumor. In one of the MTV interviews IN 2017, Tom Holland said that Kraven is one of his favorites for a cameo, but sadly he is in DC. Tom also said that he would love to see Aquaman play the character of Kraven so we maybe his wishes are going to granted soon! Now we know that the MCU and DC fans are not the only people wanting Momoa to play Kraven, the stars themselves want to see this character played by Momoa.

What do you think?

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