Fans are going wild after Beyonce shares a photo of herself as a baby on her birthday

September 4 should be declared an official holiday for Beyhive because this was the day when Queen Beyonce was born. Beyonce turns 39 this year.


Well, it doesn’t matter how you celebrated Beyonce’s birthday by posting on social media, tweeting about her, or listening to her songs all day. It seems like Beyonce felt the love.


What Beyonce did on her birthday

The fans of Beyonce would be really very happy when they saw a picture of herself when she was a young girl. She posted a photo and said thank you to everyone. she posted this on her official website on the fourth of September on her birthday.

She also captioned it’s a Virgo season. The fans were incredibly happy after seeing the adorable throwback of Beyonce. Beyonce was also grateful after receiving such Wholesome messages. The picture of childhood resembles so much to her eldest daughter.

Rumi and Beyonce

The picture Beyonce’s posted on her birthday looks incredible same just like her eldest daughter Rumi. We are not even kidding; they look so similar and truly twinning.

Fans also notice how they both look so similar and everyone got crazy and posted photos of Rumi and Beyonce’s throwback photo together. And we promise that would be the cutest and whole something you would see on the internet right now.

Like even if you say they are mother and daughter, they would look similar because of the genes, but still, they both look wildly similar and adorable from the big brown eyes to nose the truly winning in the Twinning game.

So well, if you’re still haven’t seen the collage of Beyonce’s throwback photo and Rumi’s latest photo, you must go to Twitter and should watch the wholesome images. It was the best treat for Beyonce’s fan. Beyhive can consider this as a gift from Beyonce.


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