Fast and Furious 10: Release date is out!

Fast and Furious 10
(from left) Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Dom (Vin Diesel) in "F9," directed by Justin Lin.

It seems that the release date for Fast and Furious 10 has been announced. As we know this is one of the biggest franchises of all time. Therefore, in this article, we are letting you know what is the next release date of the new film. Hence, stick on to find out more.


Okay, first, let us start from the release date itself. Universal studios has announced the release date to be April 7th, 2023. This news was broken out by Deadline which later confirmed the date. So, we can be sure that this the next release date for the film. It seems like the franchise is returning to phase where it used to release its movies on the Easter weekend. This is because F7, which was the highest grossing of all time was released then. Many people do not know this but it ended up grossing about $1.7 billion worldwide.


Fast and Furious 10: What can we expect?

Enough has already been written about this new movie. What we should do is try to remember how successful this franchise is. The Fate of the Furious came out back in 2017 which had the third highest debut grossing about $541.9M.

So, how did the people come to know about this new movie? It seems that the studios updated the release date for the movie Comscore. Further, it is expected that Vin Diesel will be announcing the movie sometime soon on social media. Previously, it used to happen that the star used to announce the movie on the platform itself. But, it seems that the studios are keeping their stars inside their homes. This is because of the fact that the Delta variant is raging through the United States.

But, it does not matter, as the release date for the movie is already out.