Fast and furious 9- Are Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham not in the new movie?

Fast and furious 9: Fast and Furious is an action-adventure franchise and is very popular in the fans. The franchise’s ninth movie is all set to come out and we all are on our toes to witness the greatness of Vin Diesel again! The movie has been a fan favorite in the action genre for a very long time and we are sure that the hype of the movie is all worth it.


Release date of Fast and Furious nine:

There has been some sad news for the fans in this section because it was confirmed that the movie was all set to be released on April 2, 2021. But like many other shows and movies, the fast and furious nine was also affected by the Pandemic the world is going through and the fans are very sad after hearing this news from the official sources.


So assuming this, we should not expect the movie to hit the theatres till the year 2021, sorry to all the franchise fans all over the world.

The trailer of Fast and Furious nine:

The first trailer of the movie has been released and it was released on January 31. The trailer has created a lot of hype in the fans of the franchise and thus revealed very surprising aspects of the movie.


The cast of Fast and Furious 9:

The Cast list goes as follows:

Vin Diesel

John Cena

Charlize Theron

Michelle Rodriguez

Cardi B

Sung Kang

There will be many more familiar faces when the movie arrives and looks like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham would not be joining the cast of the ninth part.

The Plot of Fast and Furious 9:

Some of the plots of the upcoming movie has been shown by the trailer of the movie:

Dom Toretto is leading a peaceful life without any action with Letty and his son. But the mishaps of his past come to haunt him again when his brother, Jakob a professional assassin comes in his life to bring back the action.

Fans are very hyped up for the upcoming movie and can’t wait to watch it as soon as possible and believe us it is going to be worth the wait!

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