FBoy Island Episode 4 Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Fboy Island

‘FBoy Island’ is a reality TV show that airs on HBO max. The show focuses on three women, CJ, Nakia, and Sarah.


Fboy Island


Who has become a part of the show to try to find love? 24 men have been invited to the show. For the women to choose from and hopefully make a connection with. But of course, this arrangement can go either way as they could pick a really nice guy or yet another Fboy.

Episode 4 of Fboy Island was released on 5th August on HBO max. Also, the series had a unique way of releasing episodes. The first three episodes were released together, and so were the next three episodes. The rest 4 episodes that concluded this season of Fboy Island were also released as a bunch on 12th August.

Where to Watch FBoy Island?

The episodes can be viewed on HBO max or on their app. They offer premium streaming services that can be bought at a decent price. The episodes are exclusive and paid right after they are released, so you might have to open your wallets if you are impatient like me!

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Episode 4 of the show is titled “Sleepless in the Villa”. Accordingly, in this episode, our 3 amazing ladies- CJ, Nakia, and Sarah, will have to try to make up their minds on who they want to choose as the options have come down to just 7 nice men.

Let’s hope our ladies can persuade the Fboys to well, be nice, and settle down. It would be really interesting if one of the boys actually turned down the prize money to be with the lady of their dreams.

It would make for a really good finale. But of course, the show is unscripted so who knows what we’ll get to see.

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