Fear Street Part 2: What We Know About The Sequel So Far

If you’re a fan of horror movies, then you must know about the Fear Street franchise. The first part came back in July 2, 2021. Now, it seems that Netflix will be releasing the sequel to this amazing franchise and we could not wait to talk about it further. So, in this piece we are going to talk about all the details that the fans need to know about this movie.


This movie series is based on the works of R.L. Stine which he has written over the years. Moreover, if you have not watched the first part of the series, then make sure to tune in to watch it. Because, reading this article may reveal several spoilers and may end up ruining your watching experience.


Fear Street Part 1: Recap

There is a group of people who after disturbing a malevolent entity find themselves being plagued by it. This ends up in death of a large number of people. With the number of bodies rising, they seem to devise a plan to kill Sam. He is supposed to be the intended target of them.

It seems that by killing Sam, they will be rest the malevolent entity but it ends up killing people from their group too.

Fear Street Part 2: Release Date

The best part of the Fear Street franchise was that it was intended to be shot at one go like a full trilogy. Therefore, they managed to release the film without any delays. Otherwise it would have gotten delayed like many other films have. So, the film is supposed to drop on July 9th, 2021.

Hence, make sure to tune into Netflix to watch the sequel. People really like the first part of the series and we are sure that the sequel will be no exception.

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