Fear the Walking Dead season 6 could be big for John Dorie Tap To Know Why

Fear the Walking Dead: A new teaser of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 has been released. The trailer had given us somehow an insight into what will happen in Fear the Walking Dead season 6, but also it’s shows John Dorie, again being highlighted in a big way. John Dorie had started his journey in Season 4
Being the best sharpshooter, an altruistic person with a great personality, he had made his place in the hearts of the fans


In all the other teasers we could see the different cast of the show but the only one who was seen in all new and old teasers was John Dorie This thing made some speculations in the mind of fans that perhaps Season 6 would compromise a major role of John Dorie The trailer started with showing John Dorie who looked vanquished and hopeless perhaps it’s just because he is worried for June didn’t want to lose her again. Also, he shared a good bond with Morgan who was also shown in the trailer


Fear the Walking Dead season 6

The trailer also showed John going on to a mission seemingly, the way he went on shows that perhaps he had a big purpose behind it. The previous scenes of teaser used in the current teaser were of John, fighting and beating Strand adding this,
The viewers can also see a well-dressed Strand strolling away along with smiling in a devilish manner. Fans made predictions that perhaps he would be going back to his Con man business to help the group. The trailer made cliffhangers of why John was beating Strand who was earlier his friend. Perhaps he was after strand to stop him spoiling his plans and goals

But above all, one thing can be concluded easily that John Dorie would be having a major role as he was seen in various locations as seen in all the teasers, it puts up the question that what Virginia was planning for him which made him going to different places
Hope she doesn’t know about his skills so that she couldn’t use him for her evil plans, We hope that this upcoming season won’t create much big mess for John Dorie.

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