Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 release date has been delayed

The original slated date of the release of Final Fantasy XIV patch 5.3 was in the middle of the June but, now it has been delayed because of the pandemic of COVID-19. The new release date might be a month later and therefore the date remains indefinite. The developers said that the wait will be a bit longer than expected.

The patch 5.3 was previously scheduled to be launched on 16th June therefore the patch will be released after 16th July. The director Naoki Yoshida says to the fans of the game that the update “will be delayed by more than a month at the very least, but we are pushing to keep that delay as short as possible. We will announce a new release date in the near future, so please stay tuned!”

Final Fantasy XIV  – He also estimates that the development team has a capability is up to 85-90% as compared to its usual capability in-office. The delays enter due to “work-from-home network issues, reduced debug efficiency, and the general stresses of adjusting to this new work environment – a gap we mean to close as time goes on”.

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix was also forced due to the pandemic of COVID-19 to cancel its North American Fan Festival, which was going to be held in the month of November. Therefore, the team is planning to conduct the festival in the early months of the year 2021.

The upcoming patch of Final Fantasy XIV has promised to come up with some massive changes in the storyline of the game. This will make the huge long quests of the game a bit more reasonable for the new players of the game.

Even after the delay the craze for the release of the new patch is still high in the market, which doesn’t seem to get lowered in the upcoming times too. The new patch might make the game a lot more successful than the previous ones.


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