Final Space Season 3- Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything You Need To Know!!

Final Space Season 3: Final Space is an animated space opera comedy series that is created by Olan Rogers for TBS. The series revolves around a prisoner named Gary Goodspeed and his alien friend Mooncake. They try to solve the mystery of ‘Final Space’ while encountering various intergalactic adventures.


The series has completed two seasons with receiving mixed reviews. And now, a third season has been renewed. So here’s everything we know so far about Final Space Season 3.


Final Space Season 3 Release Date:

Just a week after the second season finished airing, Final Space was renewed for a third season.

After many assumptions about the probable release date, it has finally been confirmed that season 3 will release in early 2021.

The first season of Final Space had 10 episodes. While the second season consisted of 13 episodes. So we can expect the number of episodes of season 3 to be in the same range.

Final Space Season 3 Vocal Cast Details:

Creator Olan Rogers will be back for voicing Gary Goodspeed and Mooncake. Other Cast includes – Jane Lynch, Tom Kenny, Fred Armisen, David Tennant, Steven Yeun, Tika Sumpter, Keith David, Ashly Burch, Ron Funches, and many others.

Final Space Season 3 Expected Plot:

By the end of season 3, Mooncake had lost all his powers. But he got it back because of Gary’s immense amount of love for him.

So in the third season, we will get to see whether Lord Commander will continue to be Mooncake in the upcoming season or not. With full of exciting twists and turns, we’ll get to know as to what will happen to the amazing universe created by Olan.

This upcoming season will address a lot of things that were left unanswered in season 1 & season 2. The story will be more space is driven and less planet driven. We are sure that the story will keep us on the edge of our seats in a way we cannot expect.

The creator of the show Olan Rogers has also expressed his idea of having six seasons worth of content. The sixth season might be the endpoint. But he also said that if they want to stretch it, they probably would.

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