Finneas drops his new single ‘What They’ll Say About Us’ which is all about the Black Lives Matter movement and the life of Broadway performer Nick Cordero

Finneas O’ Connel has recently released a new song that is titled ‘What They’ll Say About Us’. The new single is dedicated to the Black Lives Matter Movement and Nick Codero, who was a Broadway singer and performer.


New Single Dedicated To The BLM Movement

When Finneas was talking about his new single, he stated how this song is dedicated to everyone who had to tolerate this year. The new track released on September 3. In an interview, Finneas shared with his fans that the new single drives its inspiration from participating in a protest rally and knowing the story of late Broadway actor, Nick Cordero. He has been greatly inspired by the lives of Black people. The fans were ecstatic about this new release, to say the least. This song is released after Finneas dropped the deluxe edition of Blood Harmony. The original version of this particular song was released last year.


Finneas has written and produced this song himself, which is what he does with the majority of his songs. The music video for the song is also really unique. It is a one-take music video. It is directed by Sam Bennett.


Inspiration for ‘What They’ll Say About Us’

He expressed his hope. He wishes that his new song would be able to offer some kind of comfort to all those who have been affected this year, all those who need it. He believes that at least some people who will overcome this trauma and will be able to go through it. However, for those who are not able to wake up again, the song is for them. It is for all the people who have had to go through and endure it this year.

Finneas O’Connell And His Collaborations WIth Other Artists

In addition to his solo releases and songs, Finneas has been collaborating with other artists this year.  He has worked on tracks with Halsey, Celeste, Bruno Mars, Tove Lo.

Needless to state, he has continued to help and work with his sister Billie Eilish. The duo released a track ‘No Time To Die’ earlier this year in February.


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