Flash movie- which batsman will Michelle Keaton play? Why is it exciting? Everything you need to know

Flash – Michael Keaton came back to the world of superheroes with 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, playing Adrian Toomes/Vulture. He was the main lead of the blockbuster, and was ultimately sent to jail because of his villainy. In any case, Vulture is as yet alive, so it appears as though its just a matter of time before Keaton comes back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, could his new gig at DC disrupt in the way?


Only a few days ago it was accounted that Michael Keaton will join the DC Extended Universe as Batman, repeating his role he played so famously in Tim Burton’s pair of Batman motion pictures. The role will factor into Ezra Miller’s Flash film, which has been sitting being developed for a number of years now. Along with Michael Keaton, Ezra Miller will come back to repeat the role of Barry Allen, also known as the Flash. Also, the feature movie will be directed by Andy Muschietti, who also directed both of the It motion pictures. The film’s plot still stays a secret, yet it will apparently include time travel and meeting of a more older, established and alternate Bruce Wayne.



At this moment it’s unclear when Spider-Man 3 or The Flash will start into production, as the film business has gone into a dramatic halt. In any case, if these two projects intend to begin recording at around a similar time, could Michael Keaton’s upcoming DC debut meddle with plans to repeat his role as Vulture? At present, future of the film industry is not yet decided, which makes the energising updates on Keaton’s Batman return a double edged sword.

If it actually does go through, then Michael Keaton fans would genuinely be in for a treat. The on-screen character wouldn’t simply return for Flash but also for other different projects in the DC Universe also. According to sources, the job that Keaton is supposed to play is very much similar to Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Thus, he will play the role of a coach or guide or as somebody who pulls the strings behind the curtains. This might play a job in Batgirl which is under production right now.


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