Food Wars Season 5 Episode 9 Release Date, and Spoilers

Food Wars Season 5: Food wars is Japanese anime. Season 5 is the final and last season of Food Wars. It has
13 episodes but only 8 has been released till now. Episode 9 will be releasing soon but the other episodes might be delayed because of the catastrophic pandemic.

Release date of Food Wars season 5 episode 9
The Food Wars episode 9 of season 5 is all set to release on 28th August 2020. Just a few days to go and then you can enjoy watching the episode.

Where to watch Food Wars?
Crunchyroll has 1-4 seasons of Food Wars that too in Japanese language and English subtitles.
Netflix too can be an option to watch but it has 1-3 seasons only with Japanese audio and English subtitles. HiDive can be used to watch the first season of Food Wars. The fifth season is on Crunchyroll for the people outside Asia.


Food wars season 5

What all we saw in Food Wars season 5 Episode 8?
Amuse-bouche cremated by teamwork was the theme of the match between Dom Kama’s group and Aladin. The WGO adjudicators Dynamis, Rantabi, and Historie were the judges if the match. Aladin’s brother has not arrived but the judges have ordered to start the match without him. Doma Kama’s group was fantastic and the food was made with love and looked appetizing.

Don Kama prepares the verrine for the judges. verrine is basically a small glass which can be used to serve the sweet dish and savory. As soon as the judges tasted the verrine they felt like it is raining fruits inside their body. They felt lie they were flying in the air. While the match was going on Soma arrives. Everybody was confused as they were expecting Aladini’s brother but Soma is there in his place. Don was furious and was waiting for Aladini to get disqualified for bringing Soma and Megino to help him instead of his brother who was to be there earlier.
The Bookmaster too was there to observe how everybody excels with the theme of teamwork. Bookmaster gave permission to Aladini to replace Soma and Megino with his brother. During the match, Soma and Aladini go back to the memory lane when they used to cook together as chefs.
Aladin uses a new cooking skill called Denza Sparda and prepares a verrine. Judges were extremely surprised and impressed with their dish. Aladin’s group won and they beat Dona Kama 3:0.


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