For All Mankind: Is There a Season 2? Find out about the release date, cast and more!

For All Mankind Season 2: It is an Apple TV+ original Sci-fi series that revolves around space and immensely shows the wonders of space. A sequel for this show has been in talks since the finale of its initial season and now that has been confirmed with the release of a teaser trailer of Season 2.
Sci-fi is a long-running genre and can’t be easily beatable if the content is pretty good for the audience and it looks like ‘For All Mankind’ is truly on track to be one of the best Sci-Fi series out there. Here’s everything you need to know about For All Mankind Season 2.


Release Date


Like many other film and TV productions right now, the show’s social media handles confirmed that For All Mankind’s production has been postponed until further notice.
We expect filming to resume in September or October. However, the sequel won’t release in December like the previous season. Thus, we expect the show to arrive in March 2021 or later.

What did we see in the teaser trailer?

Apple released the teaser trailer of For All Mankind Season 2 at the [email protected] event this Saturday. Released by Apple TV+, this sci-fi drama series is about an alternate timeline of the space race.
In the teaser trailer, we saw some clips from Season 1 where they basically pointed out the threats they face from the Soviet Union for the race to ‘first to the Moon’. It showed us some exciting visuals and provided the fans with a taste of what they could expect from Season 2.



The entire cast from Season 1 will be back for Season 2 as Joel Kinnaman plays Edward Baldwin, Sarah Jones as Tracy Stevens, Wrenn Schmidt as Margo Madison, Shantel Van Santen as Karen Baldwin, Michael Dorman as Gordo Stevens, and Jodi Balfour as Ellen Waverly.


All Of Mankind is loosely based on America’s attempt for space adventures in 1969, with the Soviet Union racing against the US to be the first to Moon.
Throughout the 1st season, this space race goes on for several years with more challenges and goals. The 2nd season will be set in 1983, nearly 10 years after Season 1 finale and amidst the Cold War.

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