Fortnite Season 3- will Atlantis be a new location in the future?

The Fortnite Season 3 leaks don’t stop getting their way all through the internet. This seems to be totally appropriate as a new season is coming to us soon. A submerged underwater map can be seen in the game this time.


The central character in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is Aquaman, still have many surprises that are waiting in the store for us this summer. Dataminers said that there are some interesting files which are somehow linked to the thesis of the drop that will be taking place in the water levels as the progress of the season.



One of the huge inclusions is the Aquaman skin, which was based on the appearance of the character in the DC’s Aquaman and Justice League movies where Jason Momoa played his role. So Atlantis doesn’t seem to be a surprising location similar to the appearance of Deadpool in Season 2.


Atlantis- The submerged city (Fortnite)

The name “Atlantis” somehow appeared in some of the files. Hypex extracted the sounds thate were related to the future location of the game by stepping out of the line.

According to the Greek mythology, the story of Aquaman states that Atlantis is a sunken city. There are chances that Atlantis might make its appearance through the drop box or becomes explorable underwater. FortTory, another leaker has found out that the presence of the files is related to a female character of Atlantis.

The characters seem to be the Atlanteans: the residents of Atlantis according to the predictions. The same dataminer further explained that in the coming future, this location of the game, Aquaman could be the boss to defeat. We know that the previous season Deadpool was the boss to defeat and Atlantians might replace henchmen.

It seems that the players are going to nicely receive Fortnite Season 3 who will definitely appreciate the new change of pace considering the length of the Season 2 which was because of the delay due to the coning of Season 3. The FireJar seems to a great game changer.

Fortnite is playable on Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation and the Xbox One.


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