FREE! New Film Confirms its 2021 Release with a New Trailer Tap To Know

Free: A new film of the anime adaptation of the same name Free is going to release next year. Its teaser came out on 15 Aug 2020 The Kyoto animation had previously announced to make another movie of The Free anime series, but due to the prevailing pandemic and the bad tragic fire taken place in Kyoto Animation Studio, the film project got delayed, But now its again revived. Kyoto Animation has given the fans a hint that this new film would be completely different from all the Fan films

The Kyoto animation had released several anime adaptation films which are High Speed! Free! Starting Days which was based on its two seasons in 2015 with a trilogy film Timeless Medley the Bond and Free! Along with Timeless Medley – the Promise in the year 2017 The third film released is the Free! Take Your Marks and the fourth was titled as Free! Road to the World – the Dream, which was released in July 2019.

Free New Film Release Date

The Kyoto animation had revealed in November 2019 that they are thinking of releasing a new movie of Free in summer 2020 But following the mishappenings. The film production was stopped but now it’s again on track and is going to be released probably in the upcoming year 2021.

Free Anime – About Series

The series follows four school friends Makoto Tachibana and Nagisa Hazuki, Rei Ryugazaki, and Haruka Nanase who were best swimmers of their town Iwami, Tottori, Japan, they compete with Haruka’s rival Rin and win the swimming tournament. All of them got separated right after they got into middle school. All reunited in high school after three years and thought of forming a new swim club but for that, they need four people to form an official club. They approached Rin who later denied by telling that he has other plans then they recruited a former track kid as a final member then they start to compete in tournaments just like the good old days, It’s very interesting to know about that the town seen in the plot is an actual town in Japan who used this anime series for their tourism.

Let’s see when the makers will give good news to the fans with the new Free movie release.

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