Frozen 3- do we have any updates about the new movie? What are the plans?

Frozen 3 – Frozen , an animated movie , inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s 1844 fairy tale “The Snow Queen”. The movie is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios . It’s the story about 2 sisters and their fearlessness . The movie has been appreciated a lot and we can’t stop thinking about its 3 part .


Frozen 3 – RELEASE
Unfortunately , Disney is yet to confirm about the 3rd part of the movie . However , Jennifer Lee and Chris bucks have been spilling the beans by giving us some hints . The movie did pretty well on the box office which might motivate the producers to start working over another part of it .
The first time frozen made its entry on the screens was on 22 November 2013 and it received overwhelming response . The producers decided to make another part-2 , which released on 22 November 2019.
Looks like the story of these 2 sisters will once again entertain us .


Frozen 3

Frozen 3 – CAST
As we know that movie is about animated characters , so the cast is about the people who’ll give their voice to the characters.
We presume that the cast will remain similar if another part of the movie comes out .
They are — Kristen Bell has given voice to Anna(Princess of Arendelle), Idina Menzel as Elsa (sister of Anna), Josh Gad gave voice to Olaf (the snowman), Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (Ana’s boyfriend), Sterling K.Brown as Mattis, Evan Rachelwood as Iduna (mom of sisters), Alfred Moling as Agnarr, Martha Plimpton dubbed for Yelena, Jason Ritter voice for Ryder.

Frozen 3 – PLOT 
The renewal has not been announced yet , so we can just predict on the basis of previous parts . Ana finally becomes the queen of Arendelle . It also showed us Arendelle’s past , so there might be some things which will affect the present . Season 3 will also witness hardship in the relationship of Elsa and Ana by a third person i.e. a villain.


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