Fuller House Season 5 Part 2- How did the last part end? How will the story continue?

It is hard to believe that the wild ride of drama is finally coming to an end. Yes, Fuller House Season 5 will be the final season of this comedy-drama sitcom series. But we know within ourselves that the crazy girl gang wouldn’t leave unless they blow our minds and maybe even set up a tear-jerker moment!


Netflix announced that unlike other seasons, the final season would be split up into two parts. We now know that they have something great coming up already. The first part is already streaming on Netflix, and the second part will follow up soon. So for all those who have watched the Part I, let us have a recap while we wait for the second part, and for those who have not watched it yet: Hola, Tannerinos! But watch it out cause spoilers ahead!!!!



We have an entire episode of Fernando’s cute reproposal planning, but does it work this time? Of course yes, as the fans say, “Fernando and Kimmy are meant to be together.” So the proposal goes well but Fuller House doesn’t let it go without a twist. It turned out that the proposal song and dance was although intended for Kimmy, was not for her. It was another cute plot set up by Steve to ask out DJ. Crazy but cute, right. Come-on we all were waiting for this to happen for a very long time, 25 years! The proposal scene does not end here, even Jimmy tried to ask out Stephanie again, but her response to that was a casual NO.

Fast forward to great news: Three founding members of the She-Wolf Pack are all engaged at the same time! That means there is going to be a wedding, not just a usual wedding, but a TRIPPLE WEDDING! Calm down your excitement and just think if it is possible? Will the three ladies be able to work it out together? That is where the party ends! Major cliffhanger!


Fuller House Season 5 part 2 will focus on the wedding, the joint wedding. We will see more of drama and even more of the wilder drama! We can also expect to see more of Uncle Jesse and Joey this time. We cannot predict much, but we know it is going to end with a bang, after all its FULLER HOUSE!

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