‘Furious 7’ star Tony Jaa will be playing legendary assassin in new action franchise from Crazy Rich Asians.

Reportedly, star of Furious 7 and ‘xXx’ Tony Jaa will be portraying the role of legendary murderer in new action trilogy from Crazy Rich Asians. Tony Jaa is an celebrated Thai martial artist and popular for franchise films like Ong Bak, Furious 7 and xXx : Return of Xander Cage. Now he is going to lead an English action trilogy from Midway and Crazy Rich Asians financier Starlight Entertainment.


All you need to know about Tony Jaa portraying the legendary assassin in new action franchise from Crazy Rich Asians!

In the first part, it is expected there will be three picture franchise, in which Muay Thai Master Jaa will portray role of a iconic assassin who vanished three years ago and eventually becomes target of all the criminal organisations and agencies of law enforcement. According to the makers, the tale will unfold in a convenient structure as the manhunt increases and slowly the image of the assassin is unveiled. The title is yet not decided by the makers and Peter Luro, Tony Jaa along with Mike Selby will be producing the film and Starlight Entertainment financing the project. The film is aimed to begin shooting in 2021.


Tony Jaa

CEO of Starlight Entertainment stated that: Tony is the perfect choice for this fast leading adrenaline rush film. The physical demands match with leading man’s performance. He will exceptionally show his full and impressive skills to elevate this tale, which will have immense appeal worldwide.

Starlight Entertainment has earlier been in contracts with famous filmmakers including Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi, Sylvester Stallone, James Wan, F. Gary Gray, Roland Emmerich, and Jon M. Chu. Upcoming for the firm are Sony Pictures movie Umma starring Sandra Oh and Donnie Yen movies Golden Empire and Wuhan.


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