Get A Clue Season 2 Coming In 2021 ?

Get A Clue is a very high energy, fast-paced clue game. In this there are two teams who compete against each other to guess the most clue words before the time ends. The game goes like in the first round you could see teams receiving a list of answer words they play. The fun begins when the first player start giving clues to the second player. Then the second player tries to guess the word clue. And all this passing the parcel of guess goes on with more players. This goes on until the team guesses the words or runs out of time. The team with the most points goes to the bonus round. This all goes on in just 60 seconds. Fans are eagerly awaiting for Get A Clue Season 2. Here is everything you need to know about Get A Clue Season 2.

Release date:

The tv series Get A Clue Season 2 is all set to ace on screen with their Season. Get A Clue Season 2 will release on GSN on January 4, 2021. Only few hours left for you to witness the grand clue game of all time. Grab your popcorns to witness the crazy show of all time. We will let you know on any solid information regarding release date in any other country.

Get A Clue Season 2


As mentioned earlier Get A Clue is a clue game show. The plot is simply based on guessing clue words. Teams compete against each other in order to win the game. Passing clues from one player to other player is all about the game. You can witness the Get A Clue Season 2 real soon. We will keep you updated on any more information regarding the same.

This is everything you need to know about Get A Clue Season2. Stay tuned for more updates on the same.


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