Get A Clue Season 2 what To Expect?

Get a Clue is a game show of America. It is broadcasted by Game Show Network and hosted by Rob Belushi. The show released on 6th January 2020. Here are all the updates regarding Get A Clue Season 2.

Everything to know about Season 2 of Get A Clue

Get a Clue is a game show, it involves groups that compete together and tries to answer phrases. There is a total of 4 rounds- Round 1, 2, 3, and a bonus round. The two teams compete and try to win $10,000. Both the teams have to guess and describe words. So in the first season which was released in 2020, there were four members in each team. But now in the second season which premiered on 4th January 2021, there were three members in both teams.

Release Date

Get A Clue Season 2 was already premiered on 4th January 2021. And till now 3 episodes have been released and the fourth will be released on  7th January 2021. There was a total of 65 episodes in Season 1 and we still don’t know how much will be there in Season 2.

Get A Clue Season 2

They need to offer clues to other members and the other needs to guess the phrases. The second one makes clues to 1/3 of the participant and the fourth one guesses or they run out of time. If they win they win $10,000 and few gift hampers. According to the game they have 60 seconds to solve 8 phrases and for each new phrase, the entire crew desires to maintain on their ft due to the fact the clue providers and guessers Ratings and reviews.

The game show’s director Maggie Greenwald Mansfield is the ideal director. However, he suggests many more interesting things for the show. Producers have however misplaced the cash and which is not a thing. Therefore we ought to anticipate much less from the collection. More updates will be given soon so stay updated.


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