Goblin Slayer Season 2: Release Date, Cast & Plots

Goblin Slayer Season 2, Goblin Slayer is abstracted from the Japanese dark fantasy light novel series Goblin Slayer. The first season was released from 7th October to 30th December 2018. It had a total of 12 episodes. Although, it’s not clear how many episodes will be there in the upcoming season.


Release date of Goblin Slayer Season 2
Earlier, the season was expected to be on the screens by 2020 or early 2021. However, looks like this year had some other plans for all of us. The pandemic is the reason for the delay and halts on the shootings. Due to the ongoing virus, everybody is conscious about taking necessary precautions including social distancing. So, we assume that the series will be there by 2021, it may take some time though.


The Cast of Goblin Slayer Season 2


Goblin Slayer voiced by Brad Hawkins
Cowgirl will be voiced by Brittany Lauda
Guild Girl will be voiced by Sara Ragsdale
Priestess voiced by Hayden Daviau lends
Mallorie Rodak as High Elf Archer
Spear Man voiced by Kyle Igneczi
Kristen McGuire as Fighter
Amanda Gish as Mysterious Wizard
Kristi Rothrock as Wizard and
Tyler Carson as Warrior

The trailer of Goblin Slayer Season 2
No, there is no trailer for the season 2. You can expect one in 2021 but right now it won’t be possible because of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Plot of next Season
The end of season 1 ended with a rivalry between Goblin Slayer and Goblin warlord.
The upcoming season will be based on the first season. The next season will follow up on how Goblin Slayer and his fellow characters save Noble Fencer.

Let’s wait for some more time and then we’ll get to know what season 2 has for us. Till then you can binge-watch the first season. We’ll keep you updated with any other updates related to the show.

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