God of War 5: Here is everything that you need to know.

What is the release date of God of War 5 ?

The manager of the franchise is Cory Barlog and according to his tweet and this game God of War because he asked the gamers about which sequel of the game is loved by them in order to observe whether we are optimistic to receive God of War 5 . Also, as per the reports we are aware that God of War  is in the first phases of its development and is expected to arrive till 2022.


What is new in the gameplay of God of War 5?

The shortage of the team members is not the only reason of the delay of the release of God of War  but also, this is going to be quite different that its variants. Also, it will come to the PlayStation 5 so; it will have to meet all the expectations of this console.


Will God of War  arrive for PC too?

Out of the entire series only the God of War 5 will be available to be playable for the PC.

God of War 5

All we know about God of War  5 till now.

It is expected that we might see Thor, Kratos and Atreus as the main characters from the narrative of God of War . However, we might make a breakthrough from the mythology. The God of War  will be continuing its previous sequel.

The developer of the game Cory Barlog also revealed that he had a lot of ideas for Kratos but will not end up fulfilling all of them.


Till now, there are not and God of War 5 preview out there.


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