Goku has Most Powerful Secret Weapon is Revealed in Dragon Ball Super


While Goku has a variety of destructive attacks and godlike forms, Dragon Ball Super reveals that he also has a strong secret weapon.



While Goku is one of the most powerful beings in the Dragon Ball universe, from his devastating assaults to his god-like forms, Dragon Ball Super reveals that he has one secret weapon in his arsenal that continually gives him an advantage in every battle.


Goku has always been able to sneak inside the brains of his opponents through casual chat during battle since his first tournament in Dragon Ball’s “Tournament Saga.” This habit got more engrained in Goku as a character and a fighter over time, to the point that Goku has taken to complimenting his opponent during a fight as a real expression of admiration for the art form of battle.

The One Fighter Goku Could Never Beat Is Confirmed In Dragon Ball Super

The Z Fighters are involved in a multiversal competition between themselves (Universe 7) and a team of fighters from Universe 6 in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 12 by Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou. When Goku finally enters the arena, he is pitted against Hit, the most powerful member of his crew. During the fight, Goku does his typical schtick of casually speaking with his opponent, which causes Hit to reveal things about himself that he had never revealed before. “That’s just another one of Son Goku’s mysterious features,” Old Kai from Universe 7 says as the Kai from Hit’s universe remarks on Hit’s customary muteness and how strange it is that he is opening up to Goku the way he is.


Even when the situation is serious, Goku speaks to his opponent as if they are pals sparring for pleasure. The Kais simply call out that quality in this case, but it has always been present and originates from the purest of sources. Goku does this because he honestly believes that everyone is good at heart, and he wants even the universe’s worst villains to reform so that he can train with them and grow even stronger. However, While Goku only speaks to his opponent during a fight to bring out the best in them, he is unwittingly launching a unique strike against them. By getting them to chat during a fight, Goku’s opponents let their guard down and even reveal things about themselves that they wouldn’t ordinarily divulge, giving Goku greater insight into who they are and thus giving him the ammunition to continue the vicious (though well-intended) cycle.

While fighting the Saiyan warrior, Goku talking to his opponents is not only distracting enough to catch them off guard, but it also gives them false hope. Goku comes off as childish and naive when he compliments or otherwise acts happy to be battling someone, which causes his opponents to underestimate his powers. However, going into a fight with Goku, they should do the opposite, as he is one of the best fighters in the universe, and with the secret weapon revealed in Dragon Ball Super, he poses an even greater threat.