Good Omens- Will we see another season? and all the other details that you should be aware of.

Good Omens are something we all look forward to and want to look forward to in our lives. We consider angels as good omens and demons as bad omens. The show is based on novel Good Omens is the show based on the good and bad powers trying to overpower the earth. The first season contained six episodes in total. And sadly that’s what the viewers got to see.


As I already told u that the story of the series is based on a novel and the novel seems to be out of content to the maker of the show has also decided as to not make his own content and precede the show. This may not be true but this is what is being portrayed as of now.


Looking at the current situation cause by the Corona Virus we, cannot expect any announcements on any sequel returns as all the production around the world is at a halt. To be simple all of this is just adding up to the shows’ situation.

The show runner also confirmed on that they made a sequel for the show which they also did not which also meant that even if they had a plan in mind they were never successful to execute it as a script.

Good Omens

Release Date of Season 2

Unfortunately the news of the show ending has been circulated all in the market we can still have a hope for the return of the show. The hope is small and dim but at least it’s there. The show has been one of the major hits  of Amazon Prime so we can expect the officials form Prime to continue with the legacy if the show even if the makers do not wish to.

What will be the Story of Good Omens Season 2?

The two friends who have resides together, rather together on earth might start repenting for the deeds the and sins they have committed here on earth.

Who will cast in Season2?

The season 2 shall have the same cast as the original season had. The cast is expected to include  David Tennant as Crowley, Jon Hamm as Gabriel,  Adria Arjona as Anathema Device, Sam Taylor Buck as Adam Young, Michael McKean as Shadwell along   with the others.


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