Grand Army Official Teaser Revealed On Netflix : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Much More!

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Grand Army: It is an upcoming American series. It is all about high school students in Brooklyn, revolves around their daily struggles with racial, sexual, and economic politics.


It is adapted from a 2013 play by Katie Cappiello titled Slut. It is about Slut-shaming and rape culture effects on young females. The play depicts the mental stress faced by today’s teenagers. Katie Cappiello, who was a teacher earlier, stated that the show is very special to her and she has worked on this project for 18 years. Katie Cappiello is the creative and executive producer along with Josh Donen, Nicolette Donen, Elizabeth Kling, Beau Willimon, and Jordan Tappis.


Netflix recently released the first trailer of the series, and it been appreciated by the audiences.

Grand Army Trailer

In the trailer, the mysteriously dark screenplay is projected and invokes a kind of unease among the viewers. It depicts the life of five students, who fight to survive, succeed, wild out, and break the stereotypes to set a future. The trailer also suggests taboo topics for the series.

Grand Army

Grand Army Release Date

The teen drama series will be premiered on Friday, 16th October 2020 on Netflix, exclusively.

Grand Army Cast

• Odessa A’Zion as Joey Del Marco

• Odley Jean as  Dominique Pierre

• Maliq Johnson as  Jayson Jackson

• Amalia Yoo as  Leila Kwan Zimmer

• Amir Bageria as  Siddhartha Pakam

• Alphonso Romero Jones as John Ellis

• Crystal Sha’re Jones as Tor Sampson

• Marcela Avelina as  Flora Mejia

• Sydney Meyer as Anna Delaney

• Keara Graves as Grace

• Naiya Ortiz as Sonia Cruz

• Jaden Jordan as Owen Williams

• Brian Altemus as Luke Friedman

• Ashley Ganger as Meera pakam

Grand Army- an adult drama is directed by 

So Yong Kim, Darnell Martin, Tina Mabry,  Silas Howard, and Clement Virgo

Grand Army Plot

The show focuses on five students at the largest public school in Brooklyn, New York, and their struggles to overcome chaos in terms of racial bias, sexual assault, social injustice, and economical dirty politics.

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