Greenland- Release, Cast, Plot, and everything you need to know

Greenland is an American film related to disaster thriller. Ric Roman Waugh is the Director of the film and the producers are Gerard Butler, Basil Iwanyk, S├ębastien Raybaud and Alan Siegel. The writer of the story is Chris Sparling.

Who will be the part of Greenland?

The official list of the star cast is out. The cast and characters of the film include:
Gerard Butler (John Garrity)
Morena Baccarin (Allison Garrity)
Scott Glenn (Clayton)
King Bach (Conrad)
David Denman (Ralph)
Roger Dale Floyd (Nathan Garrity)
Gary Weeks ( Thomas)
Randal Gonzalez (Bobby)
Claire Bronson (Debra)
Scott Poythress (Kenny)

What will happen in Greenland?

The story revolves around John Garrity and his family’s journey. Scientists find that sections of the comet will hit Earth in a couple of days, and will probably cause the eradication of humankind. A “planet-killer” comet hurtles toward Earth. The main any endurance is to take cover in a gathering of shelters in Greenland. The family fights for survival from the massive disaster in Greenland. And the family escapes from the United States and saves themselves.

About Greenland Trailer

The 2:38 minutes Greenland trailer begins with a man named John Garrity. John and his family, all tuning in to news about a comet passing by Earth. They continue with their ordinary life, however soon everything changes as a piece of a comet hits the outside of Earth. Then more comets starts falling on the ground prompting end of the world. John, his family and others attempt to look for help with the specialists. John isolates himselffrom his family because of the disarray. It is out that there are covers that will give security from the comet fall. John willingly volunteers to get his family to the sanctuaries. In the trailer, comet shower is additionally observed as numerous comets tumble down causing impact on a superficial level which might prompt the eradication of humankind. To know more check out the trailer.

Release Date of Greenland

Finally, the wait is over. The film is about to knock your doors with much entertainment and thrill. It is scheduled to be released on August 14, 2020, by STX Entertainment.
Originally the movie was supposed to be released on June 12, 2020, but due to COVID-19 outbreak, it postponed to June 31, 2020. Then again date was changed to August 14, 2020.
Hopefully, it won’t change this time.
Stay tuned for more updates.