Grey’s Anatomy: Here Are 5 Characters Whose Exits Were The Worst

Greys Anatomy: If you are a fan of medical dramas, there is no way you have not watched Grey’s Anatomy. It is one of the most popular American medical dramas that’s started in the early 200s. It owns the hearts of many with an amazing cast and the relationships that developed between them. The show revolved around the lives of interns, doctors, and residents balancing their professional and personal lives. Many of us got quite attached to some of the cast members and it was heartbreaking to see their exit from the show



Here Are 5 Characters Whose Exits Were The Worst on Greys Anatomy

  1. Izzie Stevens

The role of Elizabeth Stevens was played by Katherine Heigl. She entered as bright and bubble intern to Miranda. Her friendship trio with Meredith and George, them living and working together, facing hardships and overcoming them, gave us serious friendship goals. However, Lizzie left after she fell in love with a patient, who eventually died despite her best attempts.

2. Christina Yang

Everyone who is an overachiever related to Cristina. Playing the role of a headstrong and ambitious woman, we got to see her for the first ten seasons of the show. She almost married resident, Preston Burke. Her character was played by Sandra Oh.

3. George O’Malley

His exit was probably the first death was a major character. He died in a bus accident trying to save a patient. Played by T.R. Night, George was Meredith’s roommate and best friend. Even in a short span of 5 seasons, the audience got quite attached to his character.

4. Derek Shephard

He was our very own Doctor McDreamy. Playing the role of a known neurosurgeon and Meredith’s love interest, Derek Shephard was nothing less than a heartthrob. Played by Patrick Dempsey, he died in a plane crash in the eleventh season.

5. Mark Sloan

He was the plastic surgeon all girls wanted. The character was present not he show for nine seasons. He played Lexie’s, who was Meredith’s step-sister, romantic interest. He was introduced as Derek’s best friend and also the cause of the end of Derek’s marriage. The character was portrayed by Eric Daves.

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