Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 Shooting to start this Month.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

Grey’s Anatomy Season 17: The longest-running Medical Drama returns back with season 17 as the shooting for the upcoming episodes begins this month.


As we all know, the entertainment industry worldwide took a major hit because of the current coronavirus pandemic; Grey’s anatomy had to delay its shootings. The season 16 of the show released in April had to be shortened by 4 Episodes.


Although the exact date for on-air release is not been declared, the production for the next two episodes will most likely begin next week.

The show will be going to address the coronavirus pandemic in its content as remarked by the executive producer of the show Krista Vernoff.  She also mentioned that there show being a medical drama could not gloss over the medical stories of our lifetime.

The show has also been talking to real-life doctors to get their insights on how they tackling the pandemic.


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Ellen Pompeo the only actress remaining in the show from the original casting returns for the 17th season. The 50-year-old actress has become the highest-paid actress in a television drama series earning over $20 million a year according to her new deal.

With Grey’s Anatomy Season 17 the show has promoted to actors, Anthony Hill and Richard Flood as the regulars on the show who plays Winston Nudgu and Cormac Hayes respectively.

Owen will also have a key role in this season as the show is going to address the coronavirus problem.


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