Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Kate Burton to return

Grey's Anatomy Season 18

Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: Ellis Grey was battling COVID-19 in the previous season. And she was united with all the dead characters from the show. It seems that the upcoming season of the show will have the character of Meredith Grey and the story will be focusing on her. So, without further delay, let us look at the new season of this amazing show.


Now, firstly, let us talk about the issue at hand. This is the issue of the return of Kate Burton. It seems that she will be returning in the role of Dr. Ellis Grey in the new season of Grey’s Anatomy. The 18th season of the show shall be premiering on September 30th of 2021. As we mentioned above, the beach sequence of the previous show poses several questions for the upcoming season of the show. There are people who are asking how the character of Ellis will be featured in the show in the upcoming seasons.


Grey’s Anatomy Season 18: How will Ellis be introduced?

For people who do not remember how she was introduced in the previous season of the show, we need to tell you about the episode “Blood and Water”. She had appeared to Meredith in a dream.

You may be wondering how the character of Ellis died. Well, it was shown in the show itself that she had died from Alzheimer’s. This happened in the third season of the show. Since then she has appeared on the show as a Guest Star. Totally, she has about 23 episodes in which she has starred in the show.

But, since the reveal of the 18th season of the show, it has posed several questions of her return. Many people do not know this, but she has earned a lot of Emmy nominations for her role as Ellis Grey. Hence, it will be interesting to see that.