Guest Book Season 3: Everything A Fan Should Know!

Guest book Season 3 “The Guestbook” is well worth a visit, with an exceptional cast and explicit humor. It leads on a bumpy ride from episode to episode, even if it’s an anthology.


Greg Garcia created this American anthology comedy series. The story is about a place with a lot of luggage in a small house, a small town. This new TBS humor is from My Name Is Earl (2005).


How did last season end?

The past year was full of dramatic comedies. The entire season was devoted to Joe’s traumatic childhood, and in the end, he refused to move on – the ideal family.

In the last scene of “The Guest Book,” Joe sees his neighbor looking through the fence in his backyard. He said: “Here you are with your books and your sun, so closed, but far from the world. I will come with him. A way to get to you. See you soon, neighbor.”

As we know, Joe had his creepy demeanor; he hadn’t moved. Joe and Love move to the suburbs to raise their baby. And with that, the series ended great.

Will season 3 be canceled? What is the release date?

For all fans of the series, here’s some terrible news for everyone. Grace recently tweeted on September 12, 2019; The series was canceled. For the third season of ‘The Guest Book’ applies.

Season 2 debuted on October 23, 2018, and after ten episodes on December 18, 2018. Meanwhile, it is unlikely that another network will take over the screen.

What is the script for the third season of “The Guest Book”?

From what we have seen in the past few seasons, this series is full of contemporary comedy. Instead of jokes or jokes, the answers come from the dysfunction that people indicate. It brought more audience to the show, and viewers have a kind of voyeuristic delight in viewing a guestbook.

Guest book Season 3
Guest book Season 3

Total Gracia has given us a format that people never tire of. Also, some episodes are shown a precise and appropriate tone. However, some of these recognizable characters evolve their stories for more viewers.

Who will be the actors of the third season?

All new characters, each episode will bring its unique brand of madness. This comedy series “The Guest Book” stars several well-known actors. The list goes with, some of the players include:

  • Carly Jibson as Vivian “Tickles” Williams, owner of the strip club
  • Charlie Robinson as Wilfred, the keeper of this mountain rental
  • Lou Wilson as Frank, Vivian’s son-in-law
  • Kellie Martin as Officer Kimberly Leahy
  • Eddie Steeples as Eddie, Wilfreds’ nephew.
  • Kimiko Glenn as Nikki, a grill waitress
  • Jimmy Tatro as Bodhi, Eddie’s friend
  • Dan Beirne as Tommy, who is engaged to Nikki.


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