Guest Book Season 3- how did the previous season end?

Guest Book Season 3

Guest Book Season-3

Guest Book Season 3 – ‘The Guest Book’ worth checking out again, with an outstanding cast and sharp humor. From episode to episode, it leads to a bumoy journey even if its anthology formula.


This American anthology-comedy series created by Greg Garcia. The story is all about a place with lots of baggages in a tiny cottage, tiny town. This new TBS comedy is taken from My Name Is Earl (2005).

How did the previous season end?

The previous season was full of comedy- drama. The whole season was about Joe’s traumatic childhood and in the end he refused to give up on – the perfect family.

In the final scene of “The Guest Book”, Joe watching his neighbour, peeking through his garden fence. He said – “There you were with your books and your sunshine, so close but worlds away. I will figure out a way. A way to get to you. See you soon, neighbour.”

As we know Joe had his creepy behavior, he had not moved on from. Joe and Love moving to the suburbs to raise their baby. And with this the series came to a beautiful ending.

Guest Book Season 3

Will season 3 be cancelled?? What’s its release date?? 

For all the fans of series, here’s a bad news for all. Recently, Gracia tweeted on 12 September 2019, that the show has been cancelled. As far as concerned, ‘The Guest Book’ Season 3 stands cancelled.

Season 2 premiered on 23 October 2018 and after 10 episodes came to end on 18 December 2018. Meanwhile, there’s a slim chance that some other network might pick up the show.

What’s the plot of “The Guest Book” Season 3?? 

As far as we have seen in the last seasons, this show is the full of modern comedy. Instead of jokes or the punchlines, the laughs comes from the dysfunctionality that humans display. This got the series more viewers and audiences get a sort of voyeuristic pleasure poring over a guest book.

Overall Gracia has given us a format that we cannot get enough of. Also, some of the episodes get exact right tone. However, some of the familiar characters keep developing their stories to get more viewers.

Who will be the cast members in season 3??

All new characters, each episode will bring their own special brand of craziness. This comedy series ‘The Guest Book’ features several well known cast members. The list goes a little long, some of the cast includes:

  • Carly Jibson as Vivian “Tickles” Williams, owner of the local strip club
  • Charlie Robinson as Wilfred, the caretaker of the mountain rentals
  • Lou Wilson as Frank, Vivian’s stepson
  • Kellie Martin as Officer Kimberly Leahy
  • Eddie Steeples as Eddie, Wilfred’s nephew.
  • Kimiko Glenn as Nikki, a waitress at the grill
  • Jimmy Tatro as Bodhi, Eddie’s friend
  • Dan Beirne as Tommy, who is engaged to Nikki


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